Specialized Therapy Services

Among the specialized treatment issues I address in psychotherapy, sex therapy and sex addiction counseling are:

Sex Addiction, Compulsivity, Hypersexuality

  • Includes repetitive destructive patterns of compulsive out of control sexual behavior in spite of negative life consequences

Internet Porn Addiction, Cybersex Addiction

  • Sexual addiction with a predominant pattern of problematic compulsive sexual behaviors involving the internet, i.e. internet pornography

Partners, Spouses, Families of Sex Addicts

  • Partners and families of sex addicts can feel devastated by the intrusive negative effects of the addiction. They can become focused on managing the sex addict and the consequences of the addiction to the detriment of their own lives

Sex Therapy for Sexual Problems

  • Includes low or no sexual desire, difficulty with arousal, problems with orgasm, pain with intercourse, erectile problems, early or late ejaculation, negative effects of medication, trauma and/or illness on sexual functioning, differences in couples’ sexual desire, questions about sexual orientation, sexual enhancement

Adult Survivors of Abuse, Assault, Trauma

  • Sexual and/or Non-Sexual assault/abusive experiences may have happened as a child or adult. Emotional/physical/sexual/verbal/spiritual abuse/ neglect/parental abandonment, domestic violence, rape or incest can have intrusive negative effects on the lives of survivors and their partners and families

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • PTSD refers to a range of symptoms that occur in response to traumatic experiences that can result in intrusive negative effects on functioning both in the short and long term

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • EMDR is an information processing therapy validated by research to be effective in resolving traumatic memories that impair current functioning

Sex Therapy for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

  • The sense of self, trust in others and meaning of sex can be negatively effected by sexual and/or non-sexual abuse and trauma adding further complications to sexuality and relationships

I also provide psychotherapy services that are not specifically sexually related including:

Depression and Anxiety

  • Depression and anxiety disorders can signficantly impair our lives but are highly treatable

Individual, Couples, Marriage Counseling

  • Life stressors, individual and relationship problems can all negatively affect our quality of life 

While the specific treatment approaches vary depending on the issues individuals are addressing, the services I provide include:

    • Evaluation
    • Treatment Planning including goals and methods to achieve goals
    • Individual Psychotherapy
    • Couples – Marriage Counseling
    • Family sessions
    • Community Support sessions
    • Group Psychotherapy
    • Coordination of services with other treatment providers
    • Referral as needed


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