Barbara Steffens Interview at – Part 4 of 4

Barbara Steffens PhD LPCC Interview 1 of 4This is the final segment of the four part series of interviews that Barbara Steffens, Ph.D, LPCC, co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal with Marsha Means, MA, did with JoAnn Russell, RN, MS at

In this interview Barbara touches on a variety of relevant issues involved in the processof healing after the initial crisis period ranging from reminding partners that their spouses sex addiction is not their fault to questions about reconciliation, forgiveness, sexuality, what to tell the children and of course more about safety and healthy boundaries.

I appreciate Barbara’s expertise as you can so clearly hear in these interviews and JoAnn’s dedication to providing a forum for partners and information for them to understand their experiences.

Barbara Steffens’ website is  A very helpful book that Barbara mentions is Disclosing Secrets: When, To Whom and How Much To Reveal by Deborah Corley, PhD and Jennifer Schneider, MD, PhD.

You can go directly to the interview page on JoAnn’s website to listen to the interview.