Penn State Scandal – MaleSurvivor Is Resource For Male Sexual Abuse Victims

Male SurvivorThe Penn State Scandal. Focus is on the Cover Up. What about the Victims?  

MaleSurvivor is a Resource For Boys and Men Sexual Victimization Survivors.   Dr. Howard Fradkin, a psychologist with vast experience working with male survivors of sexual abuse, founding Board member and current member of the Advisory Board of Directors of MaleSurvivor was quoted in this 11/9/11 press release from MaleSurvivor about the Penn State Abuse Scandal:

 MaleSurvivor Issues Statement Regarding Jerry Sandusky, Emphasizes Importance of Sexual Abuse Victim Support ,  “The sexual abuse allegations centered on retired Penn State football Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky’s actions are horribly familiar to millions of victims of childhood sexual abuse. The majority of media attention has focused on Sandusky and those who knew about Sandusky’s rape of these boys. It is equally important to underscore the harm done to the victims.”

MaleSurvivor is a respected, well established non-profit organization that provides support and resources for male survivors of sexual victimization including educational conferences, testimony about the experiences of men survivors of abuse, “Weekends of Recovery” for survivors and so much more. They help not only abuse survivors but the people who are supporting the survivors – family and friends as well as professionals.

In November 2010, I wrote a blog article Oprah Show: 200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward with a link to the incredibly powerful Oprah Winfrey November 5, 2010 show in which 200 men who are survivors of sexual molestation shared their moving stories. They spoke of trauma, violence, devastation, depression, PTSD, addiction as well as renewal and recovery. Dr Fradkin played a critical role in that show supporting and educating the participants, their families and the audience.

All victims of sexual victimization deserve support. Education of the public about the high rate of sexual victimization of girls and women has had some effectiveness in raising awareness of this issue. There is now more acceptance and less surprise that girls and women are sexually abused at an alarmingly high rate. Sad but true. Yet It is only with validation and acknowledgement of the problem that we can do something about it.

This tragedy further exposes the sobering reality of boys and men who have been the under recognized victims of child molestation. In this scandal we sadly see the layers of denial that are endemic in our culture and the deplorable avoidance of responsibility about protecting and helping boys and men who are victimized.

If you or someone you care about has been victimized, there is help and hope for you.

MaleSurvivor’s website is very informative. Please look through my website for resources. If you need further assistance, contact me at 608-237-8000 ext 109. I will help you to find the options you need as a survivor of abuse and/or as a family member or friend of a survivor.

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