Married To A Sex Addict Wedding RingsAt www.marriedtoasexaddict.com, JoAnn Russell, RN, MS offers a safe space where partners and spouses of sex addicts can tell their stories and get support from a community of people with similar experiences who both give and receive support through the sharing of these very personal stories.  JoAnn describes the site as  providing “Resources and Supportfor Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts” and the goal of the site: “WE ARE HERE TO SHARE OUR EXPERIENCES AND FIND WAYS TO HEAL.”

You don’t have to be married to a sex addict to read the stories and responses and feel the pain that partners go through when they experience the trauma of sex addiction.

This website is helpful for sex addicts and others who are affected by sex addiction to learn about the reality of the betrayal and devastation partners undergo. JoAnn does ask that only partners and spouses of sex addicts – not sex addicts – post on the website so that it is a protected oasis. As she states, there are other places for sex addicts to tell their stories to help them in their recovery. Safe places for partners of sex addicts where they can get nonjudgmental support are less available.

JoAnn is writing a book titled Married To A Sex Addict and has published three ebooks which you can purchase on her website for a small cost. The topics of the ebooks are Boundaries, Finances and Recovery for partners and spouses of sex addicts. I bought these and found them to be very well written. I think partners will find them to be helpful. I was nodding with appreciation as I read them and recognized many of the same suggestions that I make to my clients.

Check out this useful resource for partners and spouses of sex addicts and people affected by sexual addiction.