New Partners of Sex Addicts Group Starts September

Partners Group Supportive HandsPartners and Spouses of someone who is sexually addicted and compulsive often feel traumatized, isolated, scared, angry and confused about what to do.

Questions partners often ask include:

  • What is sexual addiction?
  • I feel so betrayed. How can I ever trust again?
  • What about my children? What do I tell my family?
  • Should we stay together?
  • I didn’t do anything wrong so why do I feel so ashamed, humiliated and alone?
  • I’m so angry and hurt. What do I do with these feelings?
  • I’m too embarrassed…why do I have to talk about it?

Partners and Spouses benefit from discussion of these topics and more in a safe, non-judgmental supportive setting. This 12 session group is facilitated by Shari Cohn, MSSW, LCSW, CSAT- Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

  • Fee for the group is $80.00 per two hour group.
  • Insurance may cover some of or the entire cost of the group.
  • Pre-group intake and post-group exit interviews with Shari are required.
  • Intakes for group are ongoing.
  • Group meets in Shari’s office at  Midwest Center For Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy,                                                                                    6300 University Avenue, Suite 125, Middleton, WI 53562.

To learn more about sexual addiction and being a partner of a sex addict, visit Shari’s website at . For further information and to schedule an intake interview, call Shari at 608-237-8000 extension 109.